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Mary Ter Meer, BS

"Learning to cook low-fat vegetarian foods has been pure enjoyment and real adventure.  With the simple addition of a few new items to your pantry and a couple of cooking techniques, low fat vegetarian cooking can be so easy."

Mary Ter Meer, co-author of Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living, has taught home economics classes in Grand Rapids, Michigan and founded and directed the Community Pantry in Jackson County.  In 1983, she received the Volunteer of the Year award for her efforts by President Reagan.

Mary learned the importance of a low-fat vegetarian diet after her husband Dave suffered two near-fatal heart attacks.  Prior to the heart attacks the Ter Meers carefully followed the American Heart Association's dietary recommendations for the past ten years.   That wasn't enough to prevent Dave from his many blockages in his coronary artery, or his second heart attack that elevated the risk that Dave would never lead a normal life again.

This tragedy turned into a success story through the help of cardiac rehabilitation and a heart disease reversal program advocated by Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D., President, Preventative Medicine Research Institute.  The ultra lowfat diet actually helps to reverse coronary artery blockage. Over a period of five years, Mary developed many delicious yet nutritious low-fat, low-cholesterol vegetarian recipes that she and her husband could enjoy.

Mary was inspired to share her success with others through this book, with the help of co-author Jamie Gates Galeana.  In Vegetarian Cooking for Healthy Living only about 10 percent of the calories come from fat.