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Let's Cook!

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Let's Cook!
Anne Kissack, MPH, RDN
Elizabeth D Riesz, PhD

 This book can help meet basic living skills and assist with transitioning to independent living.

...Fresh Fruits & Veggies....More Matters!
...How to Include Whole Grains...Many One-Dish Meals...
Easy & Quick Healthy Cooking



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Healthy Meals for Independent Living

      √ Let's Cook! helps you prepare your own meals with success!

      √ Learn how to cook simple --healthy meals-- using all of the MyPlate food groups.

      √ Build confidence in the Kitchen.

      √ Reinforce life skills for independent living.

      √ Manage your weight or T2 diabetes.

      √ Control your blood pressure.

      √ Reduce your risk for obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Recipes are tasty (four years in the making...with taste-testing and cooking testers...from several individuals with varying skill-levels, direct support staff, and care providers) to assure that the recipes are "doable", understandable, and compliant with skill level. Written at a second to third-grade reading levels. Recipes have built-in portion control, calorie control, lower in sodium, and have carb counts.  All recipes have full nutrition information provided in a special section.


What this book can do for me---

• Create nourishing meals to keep me healthy.
• Make dishes that are exciting and FUN.
• Provide recipes with built-in food- and kitchen-safe guidelines.
• Encourage me to make more of my own foods.
• Practice 13 things I can do to eat healthy when Eating Out in a restaurant.
Choose the Best Foods from a vending machine.
• Be in control of my well-being!


 " I recently purchased a copy of Let's Cook! for a special needs friend of mine.  It was a huge hit. He loves, loves, loves the recipes.  He's dropped 10 pounds! It changed his life. This book is such a good thing. We appreciate the good work you do. "  

                                                                                -Denise Denton, Youth & Shelter Services


"The recipes are easy and fun! We all like the colorful pictures, the large print, and the step by step direction. This book is so easy to follow. My clients like going into the kitchen to cook."                                                     -Renee Schmidt-Day, DSP, Habilitative Services



This book is written for---


• Anyone learning how to cook; teens and adults

• Individuals with special needs (IDD)

• Men and women learning English as a second language (ESL)

• Seniors, who need simple recipes, easy-to-read and prepare

Inside Let's Cook! you'll find---

  • More than FIFTY healthy "I can cook" recipes--in LARGE PRINT and written at an early elementary reading level
  • Recipes written in an easy-to-follow style:
    • What I Need

    • What I Use

    • What I Do 

• Food photos on every page  

• Step-by-step preparations   

• Complete nutrient information

               Softcover, spiral binding allowing book to be folded back; 140 pages.

 And the winner is....Let's Cook!

Recipient of  the MBA Award for BEST COOKBOOK in the Cookbook Category (from more than 200 entries in the Midwest Book Awards)!


"We all like the colorful pictures, the large print, and the step by step direction. This book is so easy to follow. My clients like going into the kitchen to cook."

Renee Day, DSP, Habilitative Services

"I love this cookbook! The combination of food preparation, meal planning, food safety, and nutrition information is seamlessly organized in one book."

Anne Tabor, MPH, RD, University of Iowa

"Yummy recipes! Let's Cook is a valuable book for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities who love to cook. It's user friendly and healthy, too."

Sarah DiPaolo, MS, RD, CDN, New York