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I Can Cook...(6 Book Series)

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I Can Cook...(6 Book Series)
Smart Apple Media

Reading Level:  Grade 3 and up; correlates with National Curriculum NCSS 1,4,9; NSES B. NCTE/IRA 1,3.

Specifics:  Each title is 32-pages in length, hardcover, and library-bound for maximum durability. Every title includes table of contents, step-by-step instructions for recipes, colorful food photos and illustrations, equipment lists, seven recipes, safety and hygeine info, nutritional data for dishes and index.

Kids love to get creative in the kitchen and this fun and informative set gives them a real taste for multicultural cuisine. Each book begins with a map and discussion of the country, a look at the "kitchen" and food market fo that culinary region, and describes how favorite foods are grown, purchased and prepared. Then be prepared to make wonderful dishes such as Hummus and Tabbouleh (Mid-Eastern) or Guacamole and Huevos Rancheros (Mexican) or Chinese Dumplings and Chicken and Cashew Stir-Fry (Chinese).

Individual Titles: $25/each

Save $30.00 by purchasing all 6 titles for $120.00!