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Healthy Eating...(5 Book Series)

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Healthy Eating...(5 Book Series)
Smart Apple Media

Reading Level:  Grade 3 and up; correlates with National Curriculum NCSS 7; NSES C and F. A/R. Level:  4.5 ATOS, 0.5 point.

Specifics:  Each title is 32 pages in length; Softcover; includes table of contents, food for health, balanced meal, words to remember, glossary and index.

Good health requires eating a variety of foods to avoid feeling ill, tired or grumpy. A balanced diet means eating different kinds of good food in the right amounts. Kids will learn where foods from the major food groups come from, how they are grown, and what happens to these foods before they end up on our plate. Colorful photographs and illustrations give these books a friendly feel, hold interest, and make it fun to learn about food.

Individual titles:  $12/each

Save $10.00 by purchasing all 5 titles for $50.00!