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HealthCheques™: Sports Nutrition Guide

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HealthCheques™: Sports Nutrition Guide
Diane Bader, CDE
Jane Stephenson, RDN, CDE
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$3.00 / book (~ 66% discount)

This book contains all foods the Carbohydrate, Fat & Calorie Guide has including, 30 BONUS pages on fueling your body for peak performance, estimating your calorie needs with carb, protein and fat charts based on body weight or caloric intake. Fluid recommendations, dehydration warning signs, with sample meals for pre- and post-exercise and the bottom-line on sports supplements. PLUS.....Nutrient profiles for:

  • energy gels

  • protein shakes

  • sports bars

  • meal replacements

  • sports drinks

  • protein bars

Let this award-winning book help you:
  • Eat well to perform better.

  • Strive to achieve peak performance.

  • Move closer to gaining that competitive edge.

  • Estimate your protein and carbohydrate needs.

"The Sports Nutrition Guide is a great tool for professionals and their clients. It provides a lot of useful information in an easy-to-find format."

-Lynda B Enright, MS, RDN Sports Nutritionist for the Flagship Athletic Club

"This sports nutrition handbook is a practical and ideal resource for the recreational or competitive athlete."

-Susan Parks, MS, RND, CPT, CLC Sports Nutritionist and CEO of HealtheNutriFit

Softcover, 160 pages. Pocket book/gym-bag sized; well indexed.

A Midwest Book Award (MBA) Winner!

“This guidebook is a very quick, easy-to-use, and informational resource for active individuals.”

Bob Seebohar, MS, RD, CSCS, Author
Nutrition Periodization for Endurance Athletes and
Sports Dietitian for the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

“This sports nutrition handbook is a practical and ideal resource for the recreational or competitive athlete.”

Susan M Parks, MS, RD, LD, CLC, CPT
Sports Nutritionist and CEO of HealtheNutriFit