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HealthCheques™: Self-Monitoring System

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HealthCheques™: Self-Monitoring System
Diane Bader, CDE
Jane Stephenson, RDN, CDE
The Self-Monitoring System
the Self-Monitoring Log is available,
please see Item #915

Keeping a food journal will show you what you really consume and help you identify your "trouble spots"...times when you skip a meal, leaving you so hungry that you justify eating anything later on or help you acknowledge those times when you've polished off an entire bag or box. When it's in writing, you may be amazed at your eating habits, how easy it is to eat out of stress, habit, or boredom and that its time to "right size" your portions. 

"Several clinical research centers found that those who keep a food diary lose twice as much weight as those who don't."

                                                                                 -American Journal of Preventive Medicine, (2008: 35 (2))

  Let the Self-Monitoring System help you. 

The upper 60-page Food & Activity Counts provides nutrient values for more than 1600 foods, including 18 fast food (quick service) and restaurant chains. What you wish to monitor is up to you; this tool allows you to monitor calories, fat, sat fat, carbohydrate, carb choices, protein, cholesterol, fiber and sodium or food groups. Foods are grouped by easy-to-find categories (and by common sense), listed alphabetically, and are well indexed. Charts and tables show how to estimate daily calorie, fat and carb levels; with a carb conversion chart and calories used for various activities.   

The  lower 72-page Food & Activity Log allows a full month of journaling. Sample eating pattern plans are provided ranging from 1200 to 3000 calories a day. Record a daily food goal or eating pattern plan, the number of steps or minutes spent being physically active and the foods and beverages eaten and drank. 

After recording all the foods and beverages you eat and drink throughout the day either monitor the nutrients you've chosen or place a checkmark in the food group box provided on the left side of the page.  Now, you can compare how your eating habits stack up against your desired eating pattern plan or against MyPlate.gov.  When the Log is filled, you do not need to reorder an entire System, just reorder the  Food & Activity Log (Item #915).

“Self-monitoring is the #1 most helpful behavioral principle for successful lifestyle change.”

                                                       -John Foreyt, PhD, Nationally-known Obesity Researcher

                                                         Baylor College of Medicine

A full set includes the Food & Activity Counts, the Food & Activity Log and vinyl checkbook cover.

Softcover, Counts: 60 pages; checkbook size
                       Log: 72 pages, checkbook size

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, DCE Creative Education Award!