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Diet-Free HealthCheques™: Self-Enrichment System

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Diet-Free HealthCheques™: Self-Enrichment System
Jackie Boucher, MS, RDN, CDE
Jane Stephenson, RDN, CDE

 Special Pricing ~ Close Out Sale!

The Self-Enrichment System is a tool to help you change your relationship
with food, activity and weight.

This diet-free system speaks to the chronic dieter, binge eater, and emotional eater.

The top half of this two-part System is called The Self-Enrichment Guide which encourages and supports a concept of self-acceptance through various affirmations and strategies. It addresses your Thoughts, Sensible Eating, Activity, Triggers, Realistic Expectations, Goal Setting, Image and Empowerment.

The lower half, The Self-Enrichment Journal helps you discover the patterns behind self-defeating behavior.  Record what you eat and drink, note the time and location, then use the key to rate your hunger and satiety. Identify the Triggers...emotions, feelings, the push/pull that led up to this eating behavior. There is NO CALORIE COUNING, NOR COUNTING GRAMS OF CARBS OR FAT. This is a DIET-FREE SYSTEM. 

Each half of this system is available for purchase separately and is priced at $4 /each. 

Keys to long-term success is returning to food and activity as necessary components of one's life, accept your body, and create balance  and peace in your life. When you've completed the 4-week Journal, you don't need to replace the entire System, just reorder the Self-Enrichment Journal (Item #925).

“Self-monitoring is the #1 most helpful behavioral principle for successful lifstyle change.”

                                                                                                    -John Foreyt, PhD. Baylor College of Medicine

 A full set includes the Self-Enrichment Guide, the Self-Enrichment Journal and vinyl checkbook cover.
Softcover, Guide: 32 pages; checkbook sized
               Journal: 64 pages, (4-week), checkbook sized

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics DCE Creative Education Award!

"In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with messages to lose weight and change our shape to improve health, this booklet is a refreshing reminder of what is really needed for health and well-being. A wonderful way to stay grounded with what is truly important."

                                    -Karin Kratina, MA, RDN  Author, Moving Away from Diets

                                     Consultant, The Renfrew Center


"A must-have to enhance your journey of self-discovery, joyful living, and weight management, while not feeling like you're on a diet.  I've waited 20 years for this tool!"

                                                                                                                  -Chere Bork, RDN, LD, CDE

                                                                                                                    Certified Lifestyle Coach, The Marsh, A Center for Balance and Fitness