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Diet-Free HealthCheques™: Self-Enrichment Journal (refill)

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Diet-Free HealthCheques™: Self-Enrichment Journal (refill)
Jackie Boucher, MS, RDN, CDE
Jane Stephenson, RDN, CDE

 ~ Special Pricing ~ Close Out Sale!

Refill 4-week journal for the Diet-Free HealthCheques™: A Self-Enrichment System (Item #420), a system designed to help change your relationship with food, activity and weight.

This diet-free system speaks to the emotional, stress and binge eater and chronic dieter.

Use this journal to discover the “whys” behind your eating and activity habits. Jot down what you are eating and drinking, the time, your hunger (use the hunger key), your location, triggers,  and satiety level (use the satiety key) each day. You'll start to notice patterns, cues, and realize the power you have to control what's been controlling you.  Being mindful is a learned behavior and will serve you well.  Let the Self-Enrichment Journal serve your needs to reach a healthy relationship with food.

Reinforces daily physical activity and affirmation for the day.

“A ‘must have’ to enhance your journey of self-discovery, joyful living, and weight management, while not feeling like you’re on a diet. I’ve waited 20 years for this tool.”

                                                                                                   -Chere Bork, RDN, LN, CLC
                                                                                                     The Marsh, A Center for Balance & Fitness

Softcover, 64 pages, checkbook sized. 


The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, DCE Creative Education Award!

"Self-monitoring is the #1 most helpful behavioral principle for successful lifestyle change."

                                                                                                                                            -John Foreyt, PhD

                                                                                                                                             Baylor College of Medicine

"In a world in which we are constantly bombarded with messages to lose weight and change our shape to improve health, this booklet is a refreshing reminder of what is really needed for health and well-being. A wonderful way to stay grounded with what is truly important."

                                                                     -Karin Kratina, MA, RDN, Author, Moving Away from Diets

                                                                      Consultant, The Renfrew Center