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About Us


        Our philosophy and what we believe in:

  • You.  We believe that knowledge gives you informed choice--the power to determine what is the better option among a number of lifestyle choices that make a difference to your overall health.  And who better to be in charge of your health, but you?  You have the ability to engage or disengage in staying healthy. It's the everyday little choices that in the end, define how your body feels and behaves...Personal habits do matter.


  • Empowerment. We believe healthful books and tools can empower you. Cookbooks brimming with practical nutrition and daily eating information, filled with healthful, tasty recipes. Helpful nutrition tools, like food diaries, behavior journals, and carb, fat and calorie counters are sized to go wherever you go. If you're the nutrition gatekeeper for your household, you'll find help now!


  • Integrity. We believe in bringing you books and tools based on sound medical and nutrition research. Experts in their field, such as registered dietitians/nutritionists, registered nurses, medical doctors and other healthcare professionals have authored the titles found in the bookstore under the Appletree Press Products tab. Appletree Press believes and supports sound nutrition principles based on scientific evidence from integrity-based research.


  • Focus. We believe in Eating Well to stay well, to prevent disease, to give you the best fight against various health conditions or address challenging lifestyle choices. Check out the books and tools under Specific Health Challenges or Eating Well for Kids. Whether a novice to cooking or a veteran in kitchen nutrition, you'll find something here for you. If your aim is eating well, vegetarian cooking, arthritis management or celiac (avoiding foods with gluten) or you're struggling with fibromyalgia, diabetes, high blood cholesterol or wish to know what power foods to include to enhance your wellbeing...we have something for you as well.


  • Our attention is focused on these top three health concerns:

    1. Heart Disease (still our #1 killer and cutting short lives for both men and women)

    2. Weight Management (two out of three Americans are either overweight or obese)

    3. Diabetes (which affects close to 10 percent of our adult population)